Sunday, September 24, 2006

College Football Thoughts Week 4

A ho hum week but we still managed to learn a little about players and teams. Here are my thoughts.

Notre Dame - When the term Luck of the Irish is used look up Notre Dame vs. Michigan State 9/23/2006. How can a team that looked that crappy for so long against a team that is pounding them into submission somehow comeback and win? I don't know but don't believe the Charlie Weiss is great and he calls plays aggressively stuff. One fourth down call worked, one lead to a Mich St. touchdown. I prefer to believe that Knute Rockne sold his soul to the devil.

Boston College - Painful loss. The good brothers at BC forgot to consult Knute on how to achieve football immortality. To lose to the Wolfpups that way is painful. Part of a life of penance I guess.

USC - Another week, another win.

Florida - Those Nike Gridiron commercials must be doing something for ole Urban. The Gators keep on rolling even against a game Kentucky squad. When UF gets to smack talk UK about football and hoops the weuxf gods have to be smilin'.

ACC Update - Clemson takes out 50 years of frustration against UNC - wait James Davis just scored again. Hold that Tiger they look like the class of the league. The Blue Heels are going fast - in the wrong direction. Chuckie turned down the blow torch under his chair a few degrees. Lord knows what he had to promise to come up with that miracle win. FSU worked off their frustrations with an old school beatdown of Rice. UVA took the Thursday night header vs. GaH Tech (who could be pretty good). IMHO an offensive cooridinator that does not get Calvin Johnson at least 10 touches a game should be fired for stupidity. Hees a baaaadd maaaan! UVA on the other hand is just not very good right now. Maryland struggled to beat Florida International (WTFAT?). Miami beat up on Open which is a good thing given the Lord of the Flys scenario this writer sees unfolding in South Florida. Wake kept its undefeated streak alive beating SEC pup Ole Miss and Duke tied Open after a late score by several members of the lacrosse team (cheap joke I know). The Hokies struggled against Cincy who has a decent 2.5 quarter team. Unfortunately the game is 4 quarters. Brutal schedule to boot. I continue to think my Hokies are overrated at 10th/1th and are probably 20-25th. D got exposed a little up the middle and a suspect running game and a QB with four total games of experience does not inspire loads of confidence. More will be known this time next week after they play GaH Tech. ACC Coaches Hotseat Poll #1 Coker, #2 Bunting, #3 Amato, #4 Friedgen, #5 Groh

The Looking Good List

THE Ohio State University

Men of Troy

Big Blue

West BY GOD Va.


War Damn Eagle


Terry Tate Buffett said...

Good to see Auburn get some love on your list this week. I think they keep creeping up.

Three years ago, could you imagine saying to yourself, "the West Virginia vs. Louisville game is really shaping up to be something special"? Strange.

Anonymous said...

I assume that Groh would be at the top of the list if he didn't have that Petey Gillen contract. Will we ever learn the lesson from that debacle?