Thursday, May 26, 2005

Preach It Brother

I am either Pa or corporate clueless but could not agree more. In fact totally eliminate the PC and go to a web centric model for computing. Let the white coats at Google take care of the latest registry violation, trojancondumviruswormofthemonth problem etc. They already give me tons of disk space for email etc. Slap a spreadsheet and word processor to that puppy and sign me up for a subscription.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Back on the Bike

Finally getting back on the bike a year after starting a business. Also need to drop some lbs as well. 2005 Bike Virginia is just around the corner. If you have never attended it is well worth it. Back to training on the trainer during the week or catching some miles courtesy of my light after work. While riding the trainer I managed to catch the 2004 TDF on DVD. Good stuff even if you watched last year. Base mile phrase is my favorite because a) it doesn't hurt, b) the weather is nice, and c) you get to tool along without too much worry.

Congrats to CBass and Melanie on the new bambino - Thor.