Sunday, December 31, 2006


That is the only word to describe last nights Chik-Fil-A Bowl performance. The Oline got manhandled and QB looked like a deer in the headlights. Hats off to UGA.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dick Pound

Great article by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post. Shows what a tool Dick Pound of WADA is. I don't support doping but his convict first, no appeal methods smack of the Gestapo.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

College Football Semi-Final

Well the college football season is at an end with the exception of the bowl games. What have we learned this year?

1. A BSC crisis and discussion in October is worthless. One vote matters, the last vote. I think that is why Florida jumped Michigan in the last week. The voters assessed the whole season with some thought versus the normal weekly robotic voting they normally do and determined a one loss Florida (SEC) team deserves a shot to play OSU more than a one loss Michigan (Big10) team did that already lost to OSU. I have no problem with that logic.

2. It is early but the Oregon bowl thumpin by BYU is not making the PAC 10 nor USC and its two losses look particularly good.

3. The ACC was down this year and I think Va Tech is the best team right now but October matters and so we play in the Peach Bowl (I refuse to call it the Chik Fil-A Bowl). Again, no problem with that outcome.

4. The Big 10 was strong but I am not sure how strong. We will see after the BCS Championship Game.

5. The SEC was deep but it is hard to tell if a great team exists. Many very good teams. Again, the BCS Championship Game will decide.

6. The Big 12 is getting deeper with the reemergence of Texas A&M and Nebraska and Ron Prince looks to be making strides in Kansas. These things run in cycles and they are due for a depth rebound.

7. My ACC Coaches Hotseat Poll was pretty accurate with 3 of the 5 mentioned getting the axe. Roof at Duke would have gotten it anywhere else but who would replace him? Friedgen is the only escapee and that is because he really turned the team from mid-October onward.

8. Bear Bryant must be turning over in his grave. In 1980 who would have ever thought the coach of Rutgers, West Virginia and South Carolina would turn down that job. As a noted radio host stated, "Alabama is like a woman who is a 7 but thinks she is a 9".

9. The Big East made its case with three fine programs in Louisville, WVU and Rutgers. Excellent coaching jobs at all three places. Now get someone to care in the Northeast and your TV contract will rise.

10. Enigma of the Year - Ga Tech. Led by Mr. Enigma Reggie "I look like Peyton Manning this quarter, and Ryan Leaf the next" Ball they soared when they should have struggled and struggled when they should have soared. I still contend the play caller should be fired for not throwing to Calvin Johnson 20 times a game. Long stretches with no looks his way were puzzling.

11. Feel Good Story of the Year - Wake Forest and Rutgers. Third smallest school in Div 1-A wins a conference championship and punks FSU at home. The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit of the ACC destroys the nay sayers and wins its first football championship in over 30 years. Schiano finally pulls through. Very good coach and recruiter.

12. Notre Dame still has no defense. Four year starter Quinn and and all but one senior Olineman and backfield is gone next year. Now we will see if Weiss can win with HIS players. I think he will but senior quarterbacks in College are very valuable.

13. Coach of the Year - Jim Grobe and Bob Stoops. Jim Grobe could win this every year. Bob Stoops wins because he lost his starting QB and a key lineman one week before the season starts and then lost Adrian Peterson late in the year and still won the Big12 and really only had one loss (to Texas) if that officiating debacle in Oregon is corrected.

14. Officiating is getting worse. The instant replay has made officials, scared, lazy or both. So many reviews, so many calls overturned.

Love to hear your comments on others I may have missed.

The Crusoe's by Martin Dugard

Excellent draft of a book by Martin. Start on the link above and then follow the chapter links on the right side.