Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!

Hope everyone has a happy 2007. It is said resolutions/goals written down are more likely to be achieved and so I will write my 2007 goals for public consumption in hope that it spurs me to change.

1. Decrease my weight. I think my ideal weight is about 155-165 but staying there has meant being extremely careful about what I eat, exercising a lot and being hungry a lot. Not good for the long term. I need to change what I eat as well.

2. Have at least two adventures this year. My annual cycling trip with my friend Darryl is one good one but I need to find another.

3. Do something sacrificial this year.

4. Keep up my fitness. I have gotten reasonably fit but still could go further. Lower weight (see #1) will help a lot.

5. Be a better father and husband. Life is a journey and learning to love your children for who they are, not who you would like them to be is one of its great steps . I need to be better.

That is enough. Too many and I fear loss of focus.