Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mystery Lebron Dunk Video

In an outcome that was totally predictable the great missing dunk caper of 2009 continues to fester and now reaches beyond the sports media to things like CNBC. Either this is the next great PR move by NIKE and King James or it is the equivalent of Hickory firing Coach Dale. The only question is who plays Jimmy? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Maybe a new puppet commercial is in the works with Jordan Crawford as the pesky college kid harassing the King - " Lebron, Lebron, you remember when I dunked on your dome and you destroyed the tape". I am thinking that it is the later which in combination with walking off without shaking the Magic's hands in the Finals makes King James look more like the court jester.

P.S. I heard that His Airness got dunked on a time or two and he turned out ok. Man up Chosen One!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Enough with the Michael Jackson Stuff

Enough already with the Michael Jackson hysteria. Great singer, great dancer, no significant albums in 18 years, a debacle of a private life whatever you want to think about his issues (or not) with children. He is roughly a contempory of mine so I have seen the whole thing - cute Michael and the Jackson 5, confident Michael breaking out of the R&B genre with Off the Wall and Thriller and finally broke, sick, freaky Michael. Guy had issues probably rightly so if you are a superstar under the age of 10 but this is eerily reminiscent of Elvis which I never understood either. Sorry the guy passed but an icon of humanity he was not. Move on people!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

USA Football - Future Hokie David Wilson

Thus far the IFAF World Junior Football Championship has been an azz kicking for the ages. Through two games the stats are US 133 points, opponents 0. In addition we have gained 1043 yards to our opponents 42. Future Hokie David Wilson is leading the O for the US with 327 yards on 23 carries and 7 touchdowns. I thought Mexico might give us a better game. Wow.

Understatement of the Year Award goes to LB Jose Miguel Garcia - "Clearly he's got great skills, agility and great vision, " when speaking of Wilson - Barcia had good stats though in leading the Mexican defense - maybe a schollie is in his future.

US meets Canada in the Gold Medal game on Sunday. Canada edged out that football powerhouse Japan 38-35.

Always a Classic

No one does NBA and Movies quite like Bill Simmons

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

People Are Idiots

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

to quote John McEnroe - "you have got to be kidding me!"

Long Time Away

Been awhile since I posted. We have stared at the abyss of financial Armageddon, the govt has taken over GM and Chrysler (don't you lose this game of duck duck goose once tapped twice??) and pushed purchases of MBS and Treasuries (monetizing debt) in order to lower rates to get home purchases back up. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result. The Feds (Fed, Treasury etc.) are in a box. They are hoping to God for more runway, a home run ball or a Hail Mary but this author doubts the outcome. It is natural of course for them to act this way, in their own self interest and with the undeniable hope that fills the human (and especially corporate executive and politico) heart but the math is hard to dispute. It is time to pay the piper and Schwartzies will not do.

Here is my predicted outcomes:
Taxes up for everyone - don't believe the "just the Rich" hype
Lifestyles down - time to save boys and girls
Y ou WILL start caring about the USD exchange rate
Debt is bad, equity good unless you are an investor
Energy costs double - carbon tax, Chindia, you name it
Oh and with National Health Care expect Cokes, McDonalds, Oreos to get a lot more expensive