Friday, August 18, 2006

Martin Dugard Blog

Just a plug for Martin Dugard's new blog. If you are into endurance sports he covers them all and is a great writer. His blog during the Tour de France was awesome. I attached the link over in the links section as well. Happy reading!

Are you ready for some football???

I know I am. No super teams this year (Texas and USC) and a bunch that could win it all. The Hokies look shaky especially on O-line, QB (11 snaps total experience) and TE (zero experience from three guys and I mean they have never ever been on the field during a college game). This will be a season of Beamerball at its finest. The Defense looks set to roll again this year after finishing #1 in the nation last year and Frank has his eyes set on getting back in the kick blocking game. Look for Macho Harris, Vince Hall, Xavier Adibi and Chris Ellis to reak havoc. QB Sean Glennon should mature during the season into a good QB who makes good decisions, can beat the blitz and make all the throws but may not dazzle you with his legs as much as Hokie QBs of recent vintages have. Brandon Ore is a stud tailback in the Lee Suggs mold but after him things get a little thin. Notice to all HS stud running backs, we give the tailback the ball A LOT, sign on to the program...end of recruiting message. Unlike last year's good out of conference schedule, this year I would give Blacksburg HS even odds in about half the games.

See you at Northeastern.