Monday, November 15, 2004

Musings of Late

Since the last report a few things have happened. The Red Sox won the World Series (read that again and ponder it for a while), we elected (see I am doing the bring the country together thing) a president, Michael Moore is doing Farenheit 911 -1/2 (oh boy), half the original Bush cabinet is going, going, gone and the Cavaliers of HooVA go O for Florida (Sorry TTB I had to rub it in a little). I predict Bush Term II will be a kindler, gentler group but will still be hated by the 48% of the population that did not vote for Shrub. As for as Michael Moore, he is going to learn the harsh lesson of film making which is THE SEQUEL NEVER STACKS UP TO THE ORIGINAL (Spider Man II being the exception). Good luck Michael!

On the things that trully matter in life (college football) it is crunch time (or the playoff time if you are a NFL type) . What have we learned? That the toughest games USC has had this year were against Va. Tech and Cal and USC's ranking is riding as much on last year as this, that Oklahoma is a shaky #2 and Auburn is a BAD TEAM. When you go into Neyland Stadium and punk the home team and then punk the #8 team (Georgia) in your place you deserve respect. As far as I can tell that is much more impressive than what Oklahoma has done this year. Oh yea, they beat Texas, but that is like Michigan beating Ohio State under John Cooper. No matter what, it happens. Otherwise the Big 12 is fairly weak especially the Northern AA Division.

In the Big East (also known as the Lil' E) the best team resides in Kentucky and won't play a league game until next year. That could be considered conjecture but what is not is that West Virgina , the presumed conference big dog, got put on the porch by current ACC team Va. Tech and by future ACC team Boston College.

In the BIG 10 it looks as if Michigan will roll to another title and spot in the Rose Bowl absent a miracle (or some better cars and jobs for the boys in Columbus -ouch!).

In the ACC the conference Poo Bahs got what they wanted which was a bunch of tight games for TV and what they did not expect - no overall strong dominant team (FSU Miami). No one in the conference seems to have an offense that can light it up on a regular basis and anyone can lose to anyone on a given day (See - UNC beats Miami, MD beats FSU and oh lets not forget Duke beats Clemson). That last game item is the subject of an investigation by the Clemson AD to see if pencil or pen was used last year to sign Coach Tommy Bowden's contract extension. I hear Tigers growling and it is not Montecore. If I had to pick a favorite right now I would go with FSU since they posted a 6-2 record and are in the clubhouse. UVA is reeling a little after having very high expectations to begin the year. Losing to FSU and Miami hurts and with games AT Ga. Tech and Va. Tech remaining the road is not easy. Neither spot has been kind to the Hoos over the years and one loss knocks them out. Miami has to play at Wake Forest and hosts Va. Tech to end the season. While the Demon Deacons are near the bottom of the conference they play tough and are DUE to win a close game. One loss and Miami is out. Va. Tech has an advantage relative to it's other conference mates (FSU excepted) by having played in the Orange Pit (I mean Bowl) against Miami a lot. They typically don't win in the OB but this is not a typical Canes team either. Va. Tech gets to host Maryland and UVA at home before going on the road to Miami. Probability says they don't win all three. A loss in one game means they are tied with FSU and with no head to head matchup I will venture to say FSU is ranked higher and goes to the Sugar Bowl.

All in all it has been an enjoyable season!