Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mystery Lebron Dunk Video

In an outcome that was totally predictable the great missing dunk caper of 2009 continues to fester and now reaches beyond the sports media to things like CNBC. Either this is the next great PR move by NIKE and King James or it is the equivalent of Hickory firing Coach Dale. The only question is who plays Jimmy? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Maybe a new puppet commercial is in the works with Jordan Crawford as the pesky college kid harassing the King - " Lebron, Lebron, you remember when I dunked on your dome and you destroyed the tape". I am thinking that it is the later which in combination with walking off without shaking the Magic's hands in the Finals makes King James look more like the court jester.

P.S. I heard that His Airness got dunked on a time or two and he turned out ok. Man up Chosen One!

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