Monday, September 28, 2009

Backness Revisted

Well the month of September has come and gone (at least as far as college football is concerned). My Hokies survived a gauntlet early schedule playing Alabama, Marshall (ok not so gauntlet), Nebraska, and Miami. 3-1 is what I would have hoped. The Nebraska Miracle and the Miami Monsoon were both memorable. As to the national media's obsession with Miami's backness, I quote the great Rock Carmichael, "The U might be back, but we never left", amen brother, amen. Now the next few games offer some obstacles like Duke at Duke (it is REALLY hard to buy all a home team's tickets) and BC at Lane (with Coach Jags hired and fired already in the NFL the dancing in Lane should be restrained this year) but the next real test comes when my Hokies visit Gah Tech at Bobby Dodd. Mr. Johnson's Incredible Option Machine is a thing of beauty when humming but much like the team's Ramblin Wreck if it has to pass - fuhgetabutit. Russell Wilson and the Howling Wolfpackers worry me though. Mobile QB that can throw, crafty Tom O'Brien and his secret BeamerBall Kryptonite could be an issue. Good thing it is at home. Maryland should be a good second team (third team???) scrimmage (they really, really suck) leaving only the Hoos in the final game of the season and likely the final game of the Al Groh Era. I will miss Al. If I could buy stock in Hoo football I would. Little Craig won't screw up this bad again and they have enough of a draw to make things more interesting in State of Virgina recruiting. Mike London is the early favorite.

Week 4 Predictions
Ryan Williams starts to enter the Top 10 Heisman talk
Bud's D gets another step better
Miami takes it to Oklahoma at home and in the sun
Florida lowers the state flag to half mast since Tim Tebow does not start a game for the Gators

See you next week.

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