Monday, September 04, 2006

College Football Thoughts Week 1

Week 1 of the college football season is in with the exception of Miami vs. FSU. What have we learned?

Cal – Thanks for playing the national championship game. The consolation prize is an autographed copy of Rocky Top.

Notre Dame – You won Charlie but you better buck up the troops because while Ga. Tech is game, Michigan and USC have better talent. Who knew Brady Quinn could run??

Duke – By now the Dukies should have received their probation letter from the NCAA Division 1-A Football Committee stating that any program which lets itself be shutout AT HOME by a Division 1-AA team is in danger of losing 1-A status. 0-12 looks to be the outcome unless Wake, Vandy or UNC fall under some spell. Wake looks to be the obvious choice given their difficultly with the putrid Orange(men) of Syracuse. Vandy at least put up some points on Michigan and I don’t think you are going to punk UNC two in a row. That game might be the Roof-Bunting JOB Bowl.

Colorado – The Dukies at least have an excuse. They are very good in just about every other NCAA sport, winning national titles or contending in many of them every year. Yea I know Montana State is a better football program than Richmond but YOU are Colorado. For all your troubles lately you have won or shared national titles in recent history. To get punked at home and only score 10 points… The Big 12 North is really quaking at the thought of playing you guys.

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