Sunday, September 10, 2006

College Football Thoughts Week 2

We are now settling into the college football season. The 1-AA patsies are behind us and we start to get a feel for team’s have real potential.

USC-East – Keep recruiting Visor Boy because you still don’t have the horses in Columbia just yet. All those SEC taunts you threw out at UF are coming back to haunt.

Notre Dame – Good game Charlie. Not sure how good Joe Pa's gang is just yet but an impressive win nonetheless. D looks better.

Duke – The NCAA Division 1 Football Committee is pleased with your efforts yesterday but doubts remain…Probation to continue until further notice.

Texas – Guess that Vince guy was pretty valuable. Mr. Cheeb and Firearms would have been helpful last night when OSU WRs looked like they are running free in an Austin meadow instead of Darryl Royal Stadium. Keep working on it. You could get another shot in January.

OSU – Impressive win against the hook’em horns crowd. Let’s talk more Troy Smith and Gonzalez and less Ted Ginn. Has anyone ever gotten more hype two years in a row for less production? He is a very good player but I don’t see All-World on the field. Very impressive reload on D as well. Texas scored 40+ in 12 straight games and you held them to a single TD.

Clemson – Tommy Boy, oh Tommy Boy. Another close loss in a game you should have won, and against your own ACC Division. Papa wins again.

NCST- Ok I am officially on the Chuck Must Go Bandwagon. Post P. Rivers, has anyone done less with more talent?

Beamerball – “It’s back”. Recruiting message to O-linemen, we need you every year! We are not a Top 25 team.

Florida State – God I wish we could play you the week after a big game.

Looking Good List

THE Ohio State University

Notre Dame


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