Sunday, September 17, 2006

College Football Thoughts Week 3

Separation Saturday and the pretenders from the contenders gets a little more focused.

USC– Hard to argue with someone that keeps knocking down whatever team is put in front of them. Nebraska has made progress though and Callahan gets a pass.

Michigan – Good game Lloyd. Saved the country much angst and your program’s pride. Special helpings of good vibes for doing it under the gaze of Touchdown Jesus.

Klempson – You beat Daddy and got yourself back into the ACC race. Kudos for getting it done in a pressure situation after losing a lot of players to injury.

Auburn – Slobernocker SEC football at its best. I love games like this.

Oregon – Incredible game. Can the person who stole Bob Stoops mojo please give it back? Guy goes from untouchable to Chief Black Cloud. If it can go wrong it will. Beware Pete Carroll. The Karma Gods might look for a new victim.

WVU – Nothing more fun than azz kickin one of your rivals. Team is impressive. Louisville will be a tough out though. Not sure you D can handle them. We’ll see. Rich Rod is one of the better coaches in the game today. Someone is gonna come knockin’ with lots of cash and an easier recruiting base. Beware!

ACC – Sucks this year. Miami gets punked at Louisville. Loss is ok but lose the swagger guys. This ain’t 1991. UVA gets beat on Homecoming by Western Mich, NC State gets blasted by Southern Miss, UNC gives up 42 points to 1-AA Furman. Hot Seat Poll this week is Coker #1, Amato #2, Bunting #3, Fridegen #4, Groh #5.

Va Tech – We pass better than we run. Next up cats and dogs living together. Oh, and we have played NO ONE yet. TBD on this team.

Looking Good List

THE Ohio State University

Men of Troy

Big Blue

West BY GOD Va.


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Terry Tate Buffett said...

Good thoughts Hatch. As I said last week, somehow Auburn is flying under the radar and they look tough.