Monday, October 02, 2006

College Football Thoughts Week 5

Here we are coming up on the halfway pole and the picture gets ever clearer. Here is ole Hatcher’s view of the world.

Big 10 – In a tip of the cap to former colleague Cable the Big 10 seems to be the class of the conference buffet this year. Throw in honorary member number 12 Notre Dame and they appear to have the best team and the best group of the top 4. Iowa tried in vain to stop the machine formerly known as The Ohio State Buckeyes but alas did not have the firepower. Also it was probably predictable that Michigan State, after handing a game to Notre Dame last week, would puke up a loss to that powerhouse from Illinois. Jon L. and the Spartans seem to make a habit of folding after losses. Take their opponents and the points this weekend punters. Overall it appears the only thing stopping OSU is themselves or a perhaps a Lloyd Carr inspired Michigan squad (is that an oxymoron??).

PAC 10 – The conference that suffers from East Coast Bias (that is what happens when most of your games end after midnight Saturday when we East Coast media types are sleeping off the tailgate party) is alive and well. USC narrowly escaped a game Washington State group. That is what good teams do. Also coming into view is a very good Oregon squad that by virtue of the karma gods got the break(s) of a lifetime against Oklahoma and they appear ready to make the most of it. Those beauties notwithstanding, the Cardinal is hooorible (to quote Bill Walton). Defense is an unknown particle in Palo Alto as the Cardinal has given up 31 or more in each of their five games.

Big 12 – What can be said? There is Texas and maybe Oklahoma and Nebraska and nothing else. The Red River Shootout should be for all the marbles again and Texas looks like the favorite. Oklahoma has obviously pee peed on the karma gods because they seem doomed with the QB/Lineman loss right before the season starts and that Oregon game. Stoops needs to make an offering or something.

Little East – There is Louisville and WVU and maybe Rutgers (did I write Rutgers???). Like most of the mid-Atlantic Louisville and WVU took the week off by scheduling Open. I think the Little E has done a stunning job staying in the game after the Swofford Raid a few years back but I am still glad my Hokies are in the ACC. How many weeks until hoops season?

SEC – Florida pulls it out and is looking better and better. Damn if Alabama would ever locate an offense they would be dangerous. Auburn is tough but they don’t exactly roll up the points either. I see a Florida/Auburn showdown in the title game with the Gators having a touch more firepower. Tennessee appears to be back and Phillip may yet have something to say about that SEC race. Georgia is highly ranked but I don’t think they are that good. They eked out another close win against a powerhouse Ole Miss squad. Tailgating in the Grove may be like a trip to Mecca but football in Mississippi is definitely the hired help to the rest of the SEC gentry. In other words, do as you're told.

ACC – Since the majority of the conference decided to schedule Open this week and many teams struggled there is not much to say. As I feared my Hokies are too young and inexperienced in too many places to not make the critical mistakes. It was a well rounded Beamerball loss to a GAH Tech squad that was looking to make up for last year's beat down. However, some fine Italian sausage on a new grill made up for some of the pain. The only other conference game of note was the Hoos vs. the Dukies. The Hoos got rolling early and never looked back and 0-12 is becoming quite possible in Durham. Never fear my Southern aristocrat fans, Midnight Madness is 14 days away. All other ACC teams in action played horrible teams with the exception of Miami which eked out a win against a surprising Houston squad that is channeling David Klingler and Andre Ware. Coaches Hot Seat Poll: #1 Coker, #2, Bunting, #3 Amato, #4 Friedgen #5, Roof.

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