Friday, October 28, 2005

Sports Ramblings 10/28/05

MLB - White Sox win impressively and continue the invert the "reverse the curse" timeline. We now stand at 1917 and Shoeless Joe Jackson and friends can now sleep. Any widespread stories of Cubs fans leaping from tall buildings? We are only 9 years from 1908 guys, hang on, your day is coming.

NBA - Guys, buy a suit (or five). It is not a big deal. Call me in April when the playoffs start.

NFL - The DOMINANT league is at it again with a crazy unpredictable mix of teams. Just when one seems to be rolling, they get smacked. Colts are the best for now - tune in to see it that continues.

NHL - Is it actually back or just a rumor?

College Football - After last night's win over BC I think I have come to see VT as the body puncher to USC's boxer. Boxers are impressive; quick and flashy (see Roy Jones Jr. in his prime). Body punchers don't look impressive and blame is often heaped on the opponent for missing opportunities. What is missed is the impact of the constant pounding creating the marginal mistake that leads to the knockout. Yea they will receive a shot or two during a match but they come right back and start pounding. I think Texas may be a combination of the two teams. I have not seen Georgia so can't comment.

Kudos to BC's defense. They were on the field a longggggg time and did not show signs of fatique or quit. Brian Toal is a beast of a player.

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