Monday, October 10, 2005

College Football Season Midpoint

Time to get the update on the college football season as we make the turn for home. Here is the Top 10 thoughts (in one man's opinion).

1. USC - defense is a little suspect but the offense is scary, scary. Way to beat them is to really be able to run the ball and control the clock yet be able to pass if you get behind a little. Not many teams fit that bill.

2. Texas - Vince Young is a physical freak - nuff said. Most likely to play USC in the Rose Bowl.

3. Va Tech - No convinced my Hokies are the third best team in America but will say I think.
they may be one of the few teams that fit the bill in #1. Last years game was close and may have gone the Hokie's way except for the worst pass interference call in the history of college football (no really it was).

4. Penn State - Nothing like 4-5 18 year old burners to make JoePa seem a little younger. Good D. Looks like they have the inside track for the Big 10 Title.

5. Florida State - Don't look now but Saint Bobby has the boys winning and the QB is getting better. Could be scary at year-end. Might also be one of the teams that fit the bill in #1.

6. Michigan - What the ????

7. Oklahoma - Three years ago Bob Stoops was the second coming. 9-1 against Top 10 teams, fresh off a MNC. Now he is questioned and his team's heart is questioned. Good time to go long Bob Stoops in my best of the "wait till next year trades".

8. USC (East) - Steve Spurrier has found the going a little rougher in the SEC than when last he visited. Helps having better athletes eh Steve? However in my second "wait till next year trade" except it is the year after I am going long the Gamecocks and the Ol' Ball Coach.

9. Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss - Hell of a football coach but lets not assume ND had no talent. Tye's recruits were just entering their junior years which is when most college football players start to have an impact. Weiss added the discipline and offensive flair. Either ND takes out USC in the shock the world style reminiscent of other nauseating shock the world wins by ND through history or USC puts a little damper on the ND lovefest with a good old fashion "you ain't back yet boys" beat down. Stay tuned.

10. Conference of the Year - Not sure. Your comments would be appreciated.


Chris said...

so MVick has really matured this year...i wonder if MVick$ told him he wasn't going to be able to mooch off his bank acct and that he needed to get his act together. hmmmm. in any event he's really impressed my this year. nice blog! i just found it. i'll link to it from mine. Chris

Hatch said...


Thanks for the link. It does appear Marcus has gotten himself together.