Friday, July 21, 2006


Floyd Landis put in one of the most memorable comebacks in sports history yesterday. After getting destroyed and losing the Tour De France on Wednesday after he bonked and lost 10 minutes on the final mountain climb he had the guts, fortitude, and quite frankly the balls and insanity to try a solo 150km breakaway yesterday over four mountains in stifling heat. That does not work for someone that close to the lead of a race. To paraphrase Mr. Spock, in cycling, the legs of the many always beat the legs of the one --if the many care and Sastre, Evans, Kloden, Pereiro, Leipheimer, Menchov --- they cared, or should have.

Simply outstanding. If Landis wins (and even if he does not), his ride will be part of Tour lore forever.

Great summary here

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