Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Holy Cow, an Update!

Jeez, has it been since early January since my last update? So sorry to all my loyal readers (thanks honey). College Basketball has come and gone. Congrats to the Tarheels and Roy Williams for an awesome run. Somehow that azz kicking you gave my Hokies in their inaugural ACC contest way back in December does not seem so bad after all. Speaking of the Hokies they had a fine season and surprised everyone by finishing fourth in the ACC and making the NIT and winning a game.

On the cycling front Lance has announced his retirement and just helped Tom Danielson win the Tour of Georgia. Tom looks to be the next American superstar of cycling. Also in the news Tyler Hamilton lost his appeal and got a two year ban. I don't know, something about Tyler makes me think this is not over.

Lastly, no Hatch report would be complete without a rant. Today's rant is passwords. Passwords are to computer security professionals what breast milk is to babies - the sustanence of life. However what the computer industry fails to acknowledge is that what is good for the single website/system creates havoc in the lives of man (like Hatch). Especially irritating are the systems that require very frequent (like ever!) password changes and which do not allow old passwords to be used. Again, fine in isolation, but a cluster "you know what" when applied to the average 30-100 websites/systems that computer savvy Americans visit/use etc. This leads to simplistic passwords like name/month/day and the like which defeat the purpose for having a eight character, letters, numbers and symbols passwords in the first place ...SECURITY. Kudos to IBM for bringing out laptops with biometric devices to read fingerprints. I await the retina scan system of tomorrow.

Head over to The Cbass Blog - good cycling stuff and he has a cute new baby.

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